Rabu, 01 April 2009


I don't like to sleep alone
Stay with me, don't go
Talk with me for just a while
So much of you to get to know
Reaching out touching you
Leaving all the worries far behind
Loving you the way I do
My mouth on yours and yours on mine
Marry me, let me live with you
Nothing's wrong and love is right

Like a man said in his song
"Help me make it through the night"
Loneliness can get you down
When you get to thinkin' no one cares
Lean on me
(And I'll lean on you)
Together we will see it through

No, I don't like to sleep alone
It's sad to think some folks do
No, I don't like to sleep alone
No one does
Do you

(I don't like to sleep alone)
No one does
Do you

Bunda Sarah said:

Wuah ni lagu khusus buat mylovely yang kalo pergi selalu ga bisa lama lama hehehe....dasar yah bokap bokap memang selalu begitu, karena ga tahan sleep alone kali yeeee. Hehehehee.....
Miss you....

1 komentar:

  1. Salam kenal, mbak! Duhh...jadi bernostalgila nih. Aku sdh sering denger lagu ini sejak kecil, tapi baru sekarang dapet syair lengkapnya. Biasanya cuma bersenandung ikut2 aja. hehehe...Thanks ya mbak!